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Couple Ring Method

O.B.Jewelry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2016

Ring to the present, Dai Fa couple ring is a ring a Dai Fali, couple ring of Dai Fa in General, there are two:

Is a more general way, the usual ring wearing law, couples of the ring is worn on the left hand.

Couple ring wear of its international standards on law are: worn on the thumb suggests Chase (pursuit of walking on the other side), worn on the index finger suggests that demand (limited to the desire of the heart to love), middle finger suggests that (being in love or was engaged), worn on the ring finger suggests that married (or was married). Couple ring method is very classic! and worn on the little finger suggests that divorce (or single).

Another way, is a couples ring dedicated to the law, that is, two people wearing different kinds of hands. Generally the male left, female right way to wear a couple ring, so that when two people walk together hand in hand when wearing a ring of hands can touch.